Many times, in life we are faced with the everyday to-do lists of food, clothing and shelter and while we attend to these necessary functions of life, all the other things begin to take a back seat. Thus, the question, “Can you afford to wait?”

Because while we attend to those needs, life has a way of moving at its own pace. What happens if we don’t make sure we leave instructions for life after death? What type of emotional toll does this take on our loved ones and those who depend on our leadership within the family?
And during those times of creative inspiration that we all have; can we find a way to harness those dreams and take the leap of faith to start the new venture? If we do harness the inspiration, what comes next? Maybe you are inspired to build the next great spaceship or impact change for the youth. But what does that look like legally and how do I turn the vision into concrete action? So many questions that are outside the normal everyday to-do list, that they are lost to fear or indecision.

Then we finally begin to figure out the next move and find out that some of the to-do list has caused us to not take care of our financial fitness. I want you to know that it may be time to get that financial check-up, because it is often true. To drive that point home, consider this, in 2012 the Federal Trade Commission, which tracks credit on roughly 200 million Americans, reports that approximately 26% of Americans have a “confirmed material error” on their credit reports. Hmmm. Maybe you say, well I can continue with my to-do list because these are small issues that will not affect me. Stop. They also said that 5% of those errors are potentially devastating to the individual.

Before your eyes glaze over on the math, consider, your buying power, your financial happiness, and little John John’s college outlook are all potentially affected by not addressing these errors. And these errors have the potential to keep us on the to-do list and away from expanded hopes and dreams.

Now that we are thinking about how these things apply let me ask you again: CAN YOU AFFORD TO WAIT?

Can you afford to wait to organize your personal affairs, such as wills, trusts, advance directive, or living will?

Can you wait to launch your new business venture? Do you know how? What legal structure is most advantageous to you? And what to do once you have taken the leap?

Can you afford to wait to improve your financial fitness?

For each of these questions there is a solution. Let us help you take these items off the to-do list and create the family plan, business venture, and healthy financial outlook you deserve. You don’t have to wait, call Irvin Law today, 601.340.6800. We do things just a little be different